Phoenix Fire Foundation

Tribute Truck Services

The Phoenix Fire Foundation Tribute Truck is a restored fire engine dedicated for use as a funeral caisson to carry deceased brother and sister fire fighters to their final resting place. While for most active duty and line of duty deaths, the deceased’s assigned fire apparatus will continue to be used for this purpose, the PFF Tribute Truck will be available – free of charge – to any family of a deceased fire fighter in need of funeral transportation.


During the Civil War, a ‘Caisson’ was a wooden two-wheeled wagon pulled by horses that carried ammunition and deceased soldiers. The late president Kennedy was also carried by a ‘Caisson’ to Arlington Cemetery.

Present situation

Today, active firefighter Line of Duty Deaths (LODD) are carried to their final resting place by the fire truck the firefighter is assigned to.  This is not the case for retired firefighters.

Our project

We believe retirees should have the same tribute for many years of facing danger. The Foundation is rebuilding a dedicated old fire truck which will serve as the retirees’ final ride honoring their service.  But we need help. We are a non-profit organization who runs strictly on donations of materials, services, or money.

The project started with a generous donation of a 1978 American LaFrance fire truck which is in great condition. We have a group of retired firefighters who are willing to donate their time and talents to modifying the truck. This will be a vehicle the deceased firefighters’ family will be proud to have carried their loved one to their final resting place.

How can you help?

To modify the truck will take a considerable amount of effort, time and money. We need a number of materials and services to get the truck in a serviceable, dependable condition.  We also need a sponsor for continuous diesel fuel, maintenance fluids such as oil, transmission and other lubricates.

About us

The Phoenix Fire Foundation is a citizen support non-profit organization that seeks donations for items the Phoenix Fire Department cannot get in their annual budget.  But this project is not just for Phoenix.

Who will use this truck?

The Caisson Project will not only serve the Phoenix Fire Department, but all of Central Arizona fire department members, and be available to ALL firefighter families by request, AT NO COST TO THEM. Retirees, who sometimes feel forgotten by their department, will now be honored in a last tribute ride to their final resting place.

How do I donate?

If you wish to be sponsor of a particular part of the rebuild, or donate materials/goods, or donate cash, contact retired firefighter Harrold Shell (Board Member/Caisson Project Chairman) at 602-390-6265. He would be happy to answer your questions, accept your donations, or give you a tour of the truck as work progresses.

If you wish to donate to the Phoenix Fire Foundation, go to and denote “FOR THE CAISSON PROJECT”. Or you can send your check donation to” Phoenix Fire Foundation, 4146 E. Montecito, Phoenix, AZ.85018.