Phoenix Fire Foundation

Tribute Truck Renovation Story

These Tires are a Big Deal

Without the proper tires, no fire truck leaves the station. Care to guess the cost of just one of these tires? If you said $400 your close. The cost of each tire is $500 and there 5 on this truck. Every wondered how much weight the tires must be able to support? What happens if a tire goes flat on the way to an emergency?






What are all the Controls

The men and women who work on fire trucks must be trained to use the tools on the truck to save lives. Each of these controls helps manage the flow of water required for the type of fire being fought.

The Tribute Truck has a Special Purpose

Fires are dangerous. Firemen put themselves in harm’s way as they work to saves the lives and property of those in need. Sometimes things happen causing the life a first responder to be lost. The families of those who have passed from natural causes or lost their lives during the line of duty, often would like a final tribute celebrating their service. This truck carries the fallen heroes to their final place of rest.