Phoenix Fire Foundation

The foundation is partnering with a world-class CBD company; Mountain Range CBD, LLC of Belgrade, MT. Mountain Range CBD products are made from natural/organic based ingredients and are
manufactured in accordance with Federal laws (less than .3% THC by volume). Furthermore, every batch that Mountain Range produces is independently tested at least three times prior to being released
to the public for use.

Mountain Range products are trusted by many professional sports teams and athletes and they are currently in the process of securing a league-wide deal with one of the Player’s Associations in American
professional sports. The integrity and quality of their products have been tested through and through and their consistency is always spot on.

As a part of this partnership, Mountain Range has agreed to donate 5% of all proceeds generated through January 31, 2021. Furthermore, Mountain Range has agreed to offer our members, family and
friends an additional discount of 10% (they are currently running an aggressive sales price as well during this campaign).

Please visit register your new account, and when ordering, use the LUVPHXFD10 as your discount code. Such code will not expire and can be re-used at any time, even after this campaign.